Resolving 21st Century Disputes
Resolving 21st Century Disputes

A guide to preventing and resolving the types of disputes that have become common in our dynamic, diverse, and high-tech world. Necessary reading for lawyers, managers, human resource professionals, negotiators, mediators, facilitators, and others engaged in conflict management.

The book is about universal traits.  Everyone is blessed with unique talents and inclinations, but the characteristics we share play a far greater role in getting us into and out of disputes than the differences that set us apart.

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Geoff Drucker

About Geoff Drucker

Geoff Drucker is the Manager of Dispute Resolution Services for the American Health Lawyers Association. He is an adjunct professor at both George Washington University’s School of Law and George Mason University’s School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Geoff is a speaker, trainer, and mediator. He lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife, Michele Werner, his step-daughter, Hannah Petitti, and his son, Jackson.

Resolving 21st Century Disputes is Geoff's first book.

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