Early Praise

Essential reading for lawyers who aspire to be problem-solvers. Jargon-free writing and practical examples bring each point to life.

Kim M. Keenan
Past President, National Bar Association and
District of Columbia Bar

A highly insightful analysis of how the human mind works, how it gets us into conflicts and how it can successfully get us out of them . . . Drucker provides highly practical ways of analyzing and understanding the causes of conflicts – from interpersonal relations and wars – and eminently successful ways to resolve them.

Christopher Moore
Author of The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict

Geoff Drucker has offered those of us fascinated by and involved in dispute resolution a comprehensive understanding of what is happening within and between the participants in disagreements of all kinds and in a broad array of circumstances. The author describes with great care how our minds work to attempt to make wise choices. He describes the tricks that our unconscious and our conscious thought processes play on us to exacerbate our disagreements and inhibit our ability to come to wise resolution when in dispute. I highly recommend this book to any and all who deal on a regular basis with situations in which reason-able people can differ and still need to come to common agreements.”

Douglass T. Lind, D. Min., ThD., Phd.
Founding Partner, The Sigma Group LLC.